What We Do

Standard Edge Apparel (SEApparel) offers clients the ability to turn their vision into a product they can see and touch. We are 100% Minority and majority Women owned print company in Midwest. 

Our business model is two-fold, focusing on Value, Intent, and Purpose. These three elements are essential to our work ethic.

  1. SEApparel is the exclusive apparel and print company offering clients full customization while delivering exceptional products and services.
  2. SEApparel advocates for positive change to make our world sustainable for generations to come. We all can become agents of change, and  SEApparel aims to do so by breaking barriers and amplifying BIPOC voices through non-traditional methods. 

SEApparel will #AdvocateThroughApparel utilizing the following model: 

  1. Collaborate with up-and-coming BIPOC artists to produce limited quantities of their designs. 
    1. Builds a following for the artist  
    2. It provides confidence and encourages the artist to believe in their work and worth
    3. Allows the artist to use this as a launching pad to build out their portfolio