Who We Are

The sacrifices of our immigrant parents inspired the inception of Standard Edge Apparel (SEApparel). Our mothers became seamstresses working endless hours while raising our family. Our fathers worked in manufacturing and still are laborers to this day. Day in and day out, our fathers head to work before dawn and come home after dust. The long hours spent in the factories are never talked about. Instead, the greeting of a smile as dad walks through the door after a long day of work is the memory bestowed on us. 

We are filled with gratitude for the teachings of perseverance, resiliency, and the raw hustle. The courage and bravery our parents embodied during our childhood years to the current day will not go unnoticed.

SEApparel will do its best to provide opportunities for those who seek. We believe in Value, Intent, and Purpose. These core attributes are what make SEApparel distinguishable. Traditional culture has taught us to be proud of our name. We commit to listening to our clients to ensure their needs are met.